Hunting for tasty herbs, mushrooms and berries in the nature of Rømø
Toennisgaard Sanketur Essbar 2

Edible nature

We go out hunting for tasty herbs, mushrooms and berries in the nature, that can be used when cooking or making herb snaps.

Bring a basket on your arm, and join us for a tour into the nature on Rømø island, where we will search for all the tasty edible, we can find out there. We drive to a destination where we know we can find some interesting herbs, berries or mushrooms that are in season. The destination could be one of our plantations or the beach.

We have some good ideas and inspiration on how to prepare and use the things you have foraged at your home. We also tell you stories about what the herbs, berries and mushroom had been used to in the past.

Husk egen bil, praktisk tøj og fodtøj
2 hour(s)
1,5-2 km.
Naturcenter Tønnisgård, mød gerne 10 min før turstart

For refundering af billet, skal afbud ske senest 7 dage før turstart.