Shrimp catching on Rømø
Toennisgaard Rejefangst Garnelenfang 3

Shrimp catching

The shallow water at Rømø’s west coast is filled with life. When we go out into the water with our fishing nets, it is not only brown shrimps that ends in our fishing nets, quite often we also catch crabs, fish, brittle stars, hermit crabs and lots of other exciting species. Together we sort the animals and the nature guide will tell you fun and fascinating facts about the animals, and the guide will also tell about sustainable shrimp fisheries near the Wadden Sea.

Suitable for everyone who has a curious mindset and a desire to go out into the water – whether you are a child or adult.

Badebukser eller shorts, tørt tøj samt håndklæde
2 hour(s)
Lakolk strand ved vandkanten ved den sydlige pælerække, der danner afgrænsning til det bilfrie område

Turen kan aflyses af arrangøren med 1 dags varsel grundet vejret. For refundering af billet, skal afbud ske senest 7 dage før turstart.