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Wadden Sea expedition for children

Come with us out on the mudflats and explore the life there among lugworms, ragworms, crabs and beautiful seashells and snail shells. Suitable for families with children.

Bring your family on a fun, exciting and educational expedition out on sea bed – without getting wet at all, because of the low tide. Equipped with forks, net and other equipment, you will get the opportunity to examine the life in the mudflats. You can find lugworms, ragworms, mussels, snails shrimps, crabs and much much more, you can touch them, watch them closely and the guide will tell you how they live in the mudflats. Our guide is ready to help you with handling and identification of what you find, and will gladly answer all your questions.

Let your curiosity win, and discover a whole new world of weird and fascinating creatures together with your family. The tour is mainly for families with children, but all curious souls are very welcome.

Nicht vergessen: eigenes Auto, warme Kleidung und Gummistiefel oder Barfuß
1,5 hour(s)
1,5 km.
Sturmflutsäule am Havnepladsen 1, 6792 Rømø. Gerne 5 min. vor Turstart da sein.

Stornierung des Tickets soll mindestens 7 Tage vor der Führung stattfinden.