Nature experiences for the whole family on Rømø
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Family tour with sand on your feet
The bottom of the sea
Sand towers from the lugworms, beautiful shells that sparkles in the sun and crabs you can catch. A tour on the seabed with sand between your toes, for the whole family.
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Nature experiences for the whole family at Tønnisgård

Do you want a tour on the mudflats? Or prepare Wadden Sea Hotdogs? Join one of our nature hikes, or maybe polish amber to a beautiful necklace?



All year round we offer you lots of different fun and exciting tours and activities, for children and adults in all ages. It can vary from catching shrimps at the beach to an oyster tour in the Wadden Sea. Each year we arrange more than 500 tours here at Tønnisgård. The aim/purpose of the tours is to show the nature form its best perspectives and show what what it can be used to.